Communicate via Twitter™

Twitter is a microblogging site with an ever growing number of users.

Use to tweet your news and service alerts from your website.

Publish every update to your website to your twitter feed

Keep your passengers up-to-date by selecting which type of update you would like automatically tweeted.

Tweets from Brighton Buses

  • Posted a service alert to your website?
    have it automatically tweeted to your twitter followers.
  • Published a new news story?
    automatically tweet about it with a link back to the original article.
  • Updated a timetable?
    tweet about it.
  • Updated your fares?
    tweet about it.

Enable your users to retweet your news and links

Allow your website users to retweet your news via their own twitter feeds. By allowing your passengers to share your content with their social network they will be helping you spread your messages wider than your website alone could do.

Make it simple for users to post your news on their own twitter feeds and ultimately help drive more users back to your website.

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