Interactive HTML Timetables

Create HTML standards compliant timetables and provide passengers with timetables formatted correctly for the web without having to download and open PDF files. Always keep your website timetables up-to-date by uploading and downloading in multiple formats.

Web friendly timetables

timetables from Norfolk Green
Source: Norfolk Green

with you can:

  • ? create any number of routes for your bus services ie inbound/outbound
  • ? display a summary of your routes on a listing page
  • ? upload timetables from Excel, TransXchange, OmniTimes and more
  • ? publish forthcoming beta timetables and special timetables ie Christmas/Easter simultaneously
  • ? make routes live and not live so you can decide when to display them on your site(s)
  • ? lets you create routes and timetables well in advance and publish whenever you choose
  • ? modify, amend and delete routes and timetables without having to re-upload your timetables
  • ? create a PDF of your timetable automatically.