mobile tickets

In this increasingly mobile world, the ability for customers to pay via mobile phones has become a core part of retail life. Allowing your passengers to buy tickets via their mobile phones and then board a bus by just displaying their m-ticket has many advantages including;

  • Customer convenience
  • Quicker boarding
  • Less on board money handling
  • Extended marketing and promotional opportunities
  • No on board or in depot technology systems required

Smartphone apps allow customers to securely purchase and download ticket products directly to their phones. All m-tickets include built in security and automatic expiry mechanisms.

the customer experience

1. Download

From the App Store or Google play, search for and install our Coach Services M-Tickets App. You can use this to buy, download and activate tickets. download the app

2. Sign Up

Sign up for an account so you can purchase tickets, either using this website or within the app. You will access your account on the website and the app using the same login details. You can alter your details at any time. register an account and sign in

3. Select

You can buy tickets on the day or in advance, from the website or from within the app. Simply select the type of ticket you need, followed by the bus number and the stops you wish to travel between. Alternatively, if you a buying an Anywhere ticket, simply select the adult or child option. select your ticket

4. Purchase

Complete your purchase using a credit or debit card. Please make sure the address you registered is the same as your billing address so we can process your payment. purchase your ticket

5. Activate

When you click on the Tickets tab, you will see a list of tickets you have purchased, colour coded according to their status. Make sure you download the ticket you want to use. On the day you want to travel simply click on the ticket to activate it. The message will change to 'active' and show the expiry date and time. activate your ticket

purchased downloaded activated expired

6. Catch The Bus

Click on the active ticket icon to display the full ticket in your screen and show to the driver. show your ticket