Mobile Phone Compatible Website

Branded mobile site for passenger information

Brighton Buses mobile website

Internet enabled mobile phones have increased phenomenally in popularity over the last 5 years.

  • Over 50% of people in the UK use an internet enabled smartphone
  • Over 50% of updates to facebook are made via mobile phone

source: comScore MobiLens 3 month avg ending Dec 2011

Providing a dedicated mobile website for passengers could help you reach more than 70% more users compared with your website alone

Increasingly customers expect to be able to access the information from your website on their mobile phones. A mobile optimised website is an easy way to disseminate travel information to your passengers while they are on the move.

The internet is increasingly available to phone users. However, most websites, and in particular information heavy sites such as typical in the bus operator industry, do not display well on a small screen.

Brighton & Hove increased their reach by over 70% by introducing a mobile website which garnered over 89,000 unique visits in September compared with 128,000 to their main website.

Creating a dedicated mobile website allows you to present your passenger focused information in a way that displays on the widest possible variety of mobile phone screens.

In addition to a mobile website operators should consider dedicated 'apps' for higher end smartphones such as the iPhone and Android platforms.

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