Interactive Route Maps

Create interactive route maps to export and embed within your website using our FREE tool.

Create a route map file that can be embedded in your website using popular mapping systems such as Google Maps, Bing Maps, or OpenStreetMap.

Provide users with a familiar way to interact with a route and visually identiy bus stops and destination. Allow users to view departure information, whether that is real-time or scheduled.

Let passengers explore a route via an interactive map

Norfolk Green route map
Source: Norfolk Green

with you can:

  • plot bus route lines directly onto an interactive map
  • use a 'snap-to-road' feature to quickly draw complex routes
  • add stops directly from imported timetables, or from a direct Naptan database lookup *
  • plot as many routes as you wish for any bus service ie outbound/inbound/peak time etc
  • display sheduled or realtime departure information from the route maps *
  • display departure board information within any website *
  • lets users identify their nearest stop or the stop nearest their destination

* requires a subscription account with the appropriate modules