Publish once, to any digital device

The idea is simple; you create and upload your content using your existing data and familiar tools, transforms your data into a passenger friendly, website ready format to embed directly within your existing website, or use's website template to create your own site.

Use to produce content for all new media channels

website, email, mobile, tablet, facebook, twitter, iphone, android, blackberry, and more ...

The system is modular, so you can choose the modules you want or can take advantage of one of our popular discounted packages.

Buscms Admin site


Use our simple tools to quickly create online content specific to your operations such as: route listings, timetables, route maps, departure boards and many other types of content useful to your passengers. Create online content using our simple tools or by uploading existing data in standard formats such as Excel or TransXchange.


Place content you have created using directly in your existing website or even within your existing facebook pages.

A simple cut-and-paste operation allows your web designers to quickly and easily include any content you speciify from the system.

Use JavaScript, PHP or ASP.NET components to provide maximum flexibility for integration.


Updating created content that has been embedded in your site is simple. There is no need to go back to your web designers, your own personnel can simply log in to online and update content anytime from anywhere. Once saved the changes will be reflected instantly - on your website, mobile, social channel or whichever elements you choose from our modules.

Take a look at our Features to see how easy it is to create your online content using