Fares Lookup and Calculator

Show your passengers departure boards for all of your bus stops.

Provide your customers with the information they need to plan their journey with you.

Create and upload one or more fare matrices (or fare triangles) and provide your customers with a simple to use fare lookup widget.

Point to point fares

Route specific or across your entire network

Allow your customers to look up your fares by specifying a boarding place, an alighting place and optionally a service or route. Fares are looked up in all matching fare matrices that you choose to upload. The result from each matrix is presented as a separate fare. In this way you can produce a fare matrix for every service and ticket type combination you have.

An example of a fare lookup

fare lookup

with BusCms.com you can:

  • ? upload fare matrices from spreadsheets
  • ? have multiple fare charts and ticket types
  • ? fares can be route specific or network specific
  • ? display fares on your service pages
  • ? have a dedicated page for fare lookups - on mobile, website and apps