Integrate with Facebook™

With over 32 million subscribers in the UK, facebook is the number one social network destination. Use facebook to promote your brand and services to a wider audience. allows you to directly integrate your content within your facebook pages.

Embed content into facebook

BusCms on Facebook

Most types of content you produce using can be embedded directly within your facebook pages by means of facebook 'apps'. You can add the app to your facebook pages, letting users view your content without leaving facebook.

Because the content is served dynamically from, any updates you make are reflected on your website and your facebook pages simultaneously, no need to update your facebook pages separately. All within an interface that is both familiar to facebook users and yet still consistent with your website.

See on facebook for examples

We have set up a facebook page to demonstrate how content can be embedded directly within facebook. Visit our facebook site to see examples in action and see what type of content you could embed within your facebook pages.