Editable Pages: update your website instantly

With BusCms.com there is no need to call your web designer to update content on your website. The Editable Pages feature allows you to edit the content of a page yourself, save the changes, and immediately see your changes on your website.

Simple Editor

There is no need to understand HTML to use Editable Pages, although you can edit the source if you wish to. The only prior knowledge required for using this feature is familiarity with word processing software, such as Microsoft Word. Simply type your content, style and format it as you wish using the familiar interface, and press save.

Custom Templates

An example of inserting a template into an editable page

An example of a simple template

Editable Pages can also be configured to use templates, which are customised for each operator. This provides a shortcut to a professional looking page layout, without having to build the structure of the page. Furthermore, you can even create new pages using the BusCms.com editor.