Public Demo, a preview site

It's all very well reading about what can do for a bus operator website, but you really need to be able to see it. Netescape have developed a demonstration website so operators can do just that, as well as providing a platform for testing new features.

The public demo website simulates a bus operator site, providing working examples of all available features.

If you would like to see what powered HTML timetables can look like, click here and select a service.

You will also see interactive route maps, service specific news alerts, and even real time departures. If you would like to see examples of how your passengers could buy tickets online, click here and take a look.

visit mobile site

Mobile Demo

The public demo mobile site complements the desktop version, providing a working example of a variety of features. It provides the perfect demonstration of how data from can be used to power a variety of digital media, so you can achieve maximum reach. A mobile site is an easy way to

Responsive Template

The Public Demo website also serves as a demonstration of our new responsive template.

This is a website template that will look good on any internet enabled device, from a phone to a desktop computer, and can be modified to fit the branding of the operator. This way operators can avoid the time, cost and hassle of commissioning a new site whilst still receiving the benefits.