About us

Founded in 1995, Netescape was one of the region’s fist interactive communications companies. We have created web sites and web-based applications for such distinguished organisations as Police Authorities, Local Government, Foreign and Home Office Agencies.

In 1997 we designed and developed the first website solution for our local bus operator Brighton & Hove Bus and Coach Company.

Since that time, we have worked closely with many UK Bus Operators to produce a unique system to enable them to publish complex bus travel data to the web. This culminated in the development of BusCms.com, a bespoke content management system exclusively for the UK bus operator market.

Developing BusCms.com has enabled us to translate a complex marketing strategy into a professional, flexible solution that catches attention, delivers the desired result and, most importantly, develops as you need it to.

Effective Content Management

One of the biggest problems facing bus operators who already have a strong internet presence is keeping information accurate and up to date.

Traditionally the process of updating a company web site involved submitting all requests for changes to the web designers or investing in training for internal staff in all the relevant technologies. This kind of procedure can produce a significant bottle neck with the result that modification or addition of web site content is too slow, especially where complex data such as timetables, maps, stops and critical service alerts are concerned.

BusCms.com provides access to authorised staff to update the content with no specialist knowledge required keeping your web site current at all times.

Flexibility and the future

We recognise that your online presence needs to be a viable resource, not only in the short-term, but also well into the future. The services and products that BusCms.com offers are fully expandable and flexible, so that as new technologies become available, you can increase the relevance of your site to your customers step-by-step.